Rachel and Rebekah’s Summer Road Trips

A Tradition of Excellence



    Just as their Barbies once sat in mini corvettes and drove across the living room floor, so too would Rachel Dexter and Rebekah Morris one day traverse the great unknown.  As these young women have blossomed and matured over the years, their road trips have also increased in distance and duration.  These two enterprising girls have pushed the limits of conventional road trips in their quest to find who they truly are.  Share in their remarkable voyages and watch as they grow into seasoned explorers, wise in the ways of the road.



Tobey Pilgrimage 2002

Summer 2002

Just as the most beautiful flower begins from the smallest seed, the greatest of travelers must have humble beginnings.  Two young women, still wet behind the ears, set out on a mission to witness, one last time, the dramatic culmination of cinema that is Spiderman.  Relive the adventure of the I-5 corridor and the thrilling scenic return.



Destination: Nevada!

Summer 2003

Rachel and Rebekah set out to discover the great wilds of Eastern Oregon and the Jackass Mountains.  Through the Nevada desert, these two women learn to withstand the harsh, dry climate and discover the meaning of solitude.  Join them in their struggle to survive in the most desolate part of the Northwest.



The Great Buckeye Trek

Summer 2004

No longer bound by neighboring states, our heroines embark on their most ambitious road trip to date.  Crossing the Rocky Mountains and going beyond the Mississippi River, they delve deep into the heart of rural Ohio.  Confronted with the challenge of surviving the boredom of the Midwest, they must learn to look inside themselves for the strength to press onward.  Participate in their harrowing escapes and fantastic triumphs as they discover what lies beyond the horizon.



Canadian Safari

The International Quest

Summer 2005

Throwing caution to the wind, Rachel and Rebekah discover the joy of spontaneity as they journey to Canada.  With no plans to rely on and armed with nothing more than an atlas, they are forced to depend upon their wits and wiles as they chart a new course into road trip history.  Faced with the prospect of a new culture, different customs, and the metric system, they must somehow persevere.  Enter with them into a foreign world, where courage and determination are put to the ultimate test.


The West:  An American Odyssey

Summer 2006

Heading farther South than ever before, Rachel and Rebekah explore the great American Southwest.  At a grueling pace, they travel more than 3000 miles in four and a half days, pushing themselves almost to the breaking point.  Share the adventure of their final road trip as the two friends wrestle with extreme exhaustion, battle raging thunderstorms, and confront the monsters within themselves as they litter for the first time.